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G3 di Giancarlo Fantacci - Woodworking high precision tools, multicut spiral cutter, moulding cutters/hydro, tenoning cutters, carving bits, router, windows and doors, tenoning cutters, hydro/bits, diamond cutters, hobbytech, hobbyteck, sharpening tools for balestrini renzo machines, pade, scm, weinig, boring, cutting

Art. 0638

Art. 0638 - HS (HSS) ПЕРОВОЙ ЩУП

Cod. D Ltt. Att.
001 10 90 D=11 X 40
002 12 90 D=11 X 40
003 14 90 D=11 X 40
004 16 90 D=11 X 40
D=9x40 shank execution 20% price increase with respect to D=11 x 40 shank

Technical specification

Integral HS(HSS) copying element on carving machines.


  • Carving machine