G3 di Giancarlo Fantacci & C. S.r.l. - G3: 生产高精密的木工刀具

G3 di Giancarlo Fantacci - G3: 生产高精密的木工刀具
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Art. 0006

Art. 0006 -

For Z=2 execution: 20%discount; for Z=2+2 Ri execution: 6%discount; for Z=3 execution: 10% discount; for Z=3+3 Ri execution: 3% price increase; for Z=4+2 Ri execution: 15% price increase; for Z=6 execution: 20% price increase; for Z=6+3 Ri execution: 30%price increase; with cut limiting device execution: 15% price increase

Technical specification

Hc (brazed tungsten carbide) execution for abrasive, hard, soft and glued woods, MDF, plywood; HS (HSS) for all non-glued soft and hard woods.